Litokam Light Bulb Security Camera Review : Best Wifi Security Camera for Home

Given the growing concern regarding home security it has become increasingly important to invest in surveillance systems. A notable solution worth considering is the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G, by litokam. This innovative camera, equipped with wifi capabilities offers features to ensure monitoring and protection, for your home.

The 4MP LightBulb Security Camera 2.4G represents a device that skillfully combines the functionality of a bulb and a security camera. It seamlessly integrates into your home decor while providing discreet surveillance. Setting up this camera is hassle free allowing you to promptly install it and begin monitoring your surroundings.

  • Recommended Uses For Product: Surveillance
  • Brand: litokam
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor, Indoor
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Connectivity Protocol: Wi-Fi

Pros and Cons


  • High-Quality Imaging
  • Night Vision in Color
  • Comprehensive Surveillance
  • Motion Detection and Siren Alert
  • Two Way Audio
  • Shared Views for Multiple Users
  • Cloud Storage for 10 years
  • Support, for SD Card Storage


  • Limited Compatibility
  • Limited Compatibility
  • Initial Installation Complexity
  • Bulky Design
  • Limited Included Accessories

Benefits of using a wifi security camera for home

There are benefits, to using a wifi security camera, such as enhancing the security of your home. One advantage is that it allows you to access the camera stream from with an internet connection. This means you can monitor your house when you’re away. Another advantage is that wifi cameras can be easily integrated into your home network eliminating the need, for wiring.

Importance of home security

In the era ensuring the safety of our homes and loved ones is of importance. It is vital that we proactively take measures to protect our belongings. An encompassing home security system that includes surveillance cameras not gives us peace of mind but also serves as a deterrent and can provide valuable evidence if needed.

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Key features of the litokam 2.5K security camera

 The Litokam 2.5K security camera is packed with a range of features that make it an excellent option, for homeowners. With its motion detection technology the camera starts recording soon as any movement is detected. This ensures that you can capture any intruders or suspicious activity in time.

In todays world, where home security’s of importance Litokam introduces an innovative solution that combines versatility, state of the art technology and affordability. The Litokam 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera aims to redefine your surveillance experience by offering a variety of features that cater to all your needs.

1.  Seamless Wireless Installation

One of the aspects of this security camera is how easy it is to set up. Its designed to fit into an E27 bulb base, with 110V~240V power outlets and functions, as a wireless camera. Installing it is as simple, as replacing a bulb. Just remove your bulb. Replace it with the Litokam camera then download the Littlelf smartphone app. Follow the instructions provided to connect the camera to your 2.4GHz WiFi network. In a while you’ll have a reliable surveillance system up and running.

2.  4MP Crystal Image and Full-Color Night Vision

The Litokam Light Bulb Security Camera is designed with a notch 4MP high resolution sensor ensuring that every image it captures is crystal clear and of the quality. This means you can easily distinguish details and facial features. What really sets it apart is its Full Color Night Vision capability. By combining six floodlights and six IR lights this wireless camera provides Color/IR/Smart Night Vision ensuring monitoring of objects, within a 32 feet range, for the ultimate night vision experience.

3.  360° Panoramic Surveillance and Motion Detection

With its 360° Panoramic Surveillance capability the Litokam camera provides coverage. It utilizes advanced motion tracking technology to detect and follow moving objects. Moreover it offers a 3X zoom to ensure that every detail is captured. To prevent intruders the camera is equipped with an alert and a white light feature.

4.  2-Way Audio and Multiple Shared Views

The Litokam Light Bulb Security Camera serves the purpose of both monitoring and communication. It comes with an integrated microphone and speaker that effectively eliminate background noise enabling you to have crystal conversations, with your family members of your location. Additionally this camera allows multiple users to access its views through the Littlelf smartphone app, which’s compatible, with both iPhone and Android devices. This means that when you’re not around your loved ones, including your pets will never feel isolated.

5.  10-Year Cloud Storage and SD Card Support

Litokam takes it a step further by providing a cloud storage service that lasts for a decade and you don’t even need to pay for a subscription. Your videos will be stored safely. Protected using encryption technology. Even if someone were to steal or damage the camera only you would have the ability to access and watch your playback videos. Moreover the camera also supports micro SD card storage (, up to 128GB, SD card not included in the package), for added convenience.

The Litokam 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera revolutionizes home surveillance providing a blend of features and simple setup that positions it as a leading option, for those seeking to bolster their security measures. With Litokam you can find peace of mind with a bulb.

6.  No monthly fee for additional cost savings

One major benefit of the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G is that it removes the requirement, for subscription fees. By having built in SD card storage you have the choice to store and access your recordings locally at no charge. This feature guarantees that you have control, over your security footage without incurring any expenses.

The advantages of a 4MP resolution outdoor security camera

The bulb security cameras 4MP resolution guarantees the capture of high quality images and videos. This level of resolution ensures visibility making it easier to identify faces and read license plates when needed. With its more detailed footage the 4MP resolution provides evidence in the event of any security incidents.

The importance of motion detection in a security wireless camera e27

 Motion detection plays a role, in ensuring the effectiveness of security cameras by minimizing alerts and optimizing storage capacity. The 4MP wireless light bulb security camera 2.4G utilizes AI powered motion detection, which accurately assesses and differentiates between moving objects such as pets while also being able to detect potential threats, like intruders. This intelligent functionality provides a level of security for your home.

Types of security camera wireless outdoor for home

 When it comes to securing your home there are kinds of security cameras you can consider. Each type offers its set of features and advantages. For instance you have security cameras, pet cameras and wireless cameras to choose from. Depending on what you need for your security purposes you can select the camera that best meets your requirements.

Choosing the right camera for outdoor use home surveillance

When it comes to securing the outdoors it’s important to choose a camera that can handle weather conditions. Outdoor security cameras are specifically designed to be resistant, to weather. Often come with capabilities like night vision and motion tracking. These features guarantee that your home stays safe regardless of the lighting conditions and effectively keeps an eye on any activity, in your area.

Installation and setup guide for the Litokam 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera wireless

 Installing and setting up the Litokam 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera is a breeze easy to install. Can be accomplished in a few easy steps. Below you’ll find a guide to assist you throughout built-in the installation process:

Step 1: Unboxing the Camera

  • To begin open the camera package. Make sure all the essential items are included. Normally you should find the camera itself a user manual and any accessories that may be needed.

Step 2: Prepare Your Smartphone

  • Please ensure that your smartphone is connected to your homes WiFi network operating at 2.4GHz. The camera does not support networks operating at 5GHz so make sure you are connected to the frequency.

Step 3: Screw the Camera In

  • First make sure to switch off the power to the fixture where you intend to install the camera. Then carefully. Secure the Litokam camera into the E27 bulb base (110V~240V) instead of the existing light bulb. Make sure it is firmly attached.

Step 4: Power On the Camera

  • To restore power to the fixture simply switch it on. Once the power is restored you should see the LED lights, on the camera illuminate indicating that it is receiving power.

Step 5: Download the App

  • To get the “Littlelf” app, on your smartphone open the app store on your device (Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS). Search for “Littlelf.” Once you find it download and install the app onto your phone.

Step 6: App Setup

  • To get started launch the application. Carefully follow the prompts displayed on the screen to set up your account in case you haven’t done yet. Typically this will require you to provide an email address and establish a password.

Step 7: Add a New Device

  • After creating your account simply sign in to the application. Look for the option that says “Add a Device” or something similar. From there you’ll be prompted to choose the type of device the “Bulb Camera.”

Step 8: Connect to WiFi

  • The application will help you with the process of connecting the camera to your WiFi network. Remember to choose the 2.4GHz network and input your WiFi password when requested. The camera will then establish a connection, with your network.

Step 9: Camera Activation

  • The application will guide you through the process of activating it. Typically this involves using the camera to scan a QR code or following the instructions given within the app.

Step 10: Camera Configuration

  • After activation you have the option to adjust camera preferences, including motion detection, alerts and cloud storage settings.

Step 11: Mounting Options

  • If necessary you have the option to attach the camera using fixtures or positions. Simply refer to the instructions outlined in the user manual for mounting information.

Step 12: Testing and Monitoring

  • Now you can begin testing and monitoring your Litokam camera. Simply use the application to watch video customize settings and receive notifications when.

Great news! Your Litokam 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera has been successfully. Is all set to boost your home security.


The 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G offered by litokam is a solution, for home security. It has a design and advanced features like motion detection, wide angle coverage of 360° and a high resolution of 4MP ensuring surveillance. Additionally it includes features such, as two way communication and night vision to further enhance its security capabilities. Whether you need a camera thats dependable or an inconspicuous indoor option the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G is the choice. Invest in this WiFi enabled camera to effectively safeguard your home loved ones and valuable belongings. 


Q: What is the 4MP Light Bulb Wireless Security Camera 2.4GHZ 2 way audio?

The 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G is a wireless security camera that has been cleverly designed to resemble a bulb. It operates on a 2.4G network supports 2.4GHz WiFi and delivers quality 4MP video footage.

Q: What are the main features of the wireless wifi 4MP Light Bulb Security wifi wireless Camera?

The 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G offers functionalities, including the ability to communicate in two directions, wireless connectivity, outdoor usage capability, motion detection, color night vision and an integrated siren.

Q: How does the 4 pack siren floodlight ai motion detection work?

The motion detection feature, in the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G utilizes intelligence to analyze the captured motion. It has the capability to differentiate between non human movements and will promptly notify you in time whenever it detects any potentially suspicious activity.

Q: Can I use the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G wifi with my 2.4GHz WiFi?

A: Indeed the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G is specifically crafted for integration, with 2.4GHz WiFi networks. It effortlessly connects to the majority of home WiFi networks ensuring compatibility without any hassle.

Q: Does the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera home 2.4G support 2-way audio?

Yes the 4MP lightbulb security Camera 2.4G comes equipped with a microphone and speaker enabling you to engage in two way communication. Through the app or monitoring software you can both listen to. Speak with individuals, in close proximity, to the camera.

Q: Is the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera outdoor 2.4G suitable for outdoor use?

Yes the 4MP lightbulb security 2.4G is suitable, for both outdoor use. It comes with a weatherproof casing that can endure weather conditions.

Q: What is the resolution of the  motion tracking 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G?

The 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G offers a 4 megapixel resolution enabling it to record video footage, with clarity and precise details.

Q: Can I install the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G easily?

Yes installing the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G is a breeze. All you have to do is screw it into a socket and connect it to your WiFi network using either the mobile app or monitoring software.

Q: Does the 4MP Light Bulb 2k Security Camera 2.4G have color night vision?

Yes the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G is equipped with full color night vision functionality. It can capture vibrant video footage in situations, with limited lighting or complete darkness.

Q: Does the 4MP Light Bulb Camera 2.4G offer cloud storage without subscription?

Yes the 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4G allows you to store your videos in the cloud without requiring a subscription. You have the option to save your recordings online and access them whenever and wherever you want without any charges.

Q: what is about the pet camera IR night vision and zoom features?

The pet camera provides infrared night vision capabilities and a range of zoom options to improve your experience of monitoring your pet.


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