Process of 70mai dash cam Installation: Follow These Steps to Install Dashcam

Process of 70mai dash cam Installation: Follow These Steps to Install Dashcam

Get ready to take your driving experience to the level, with the features offered by the 70mai Dash Cam. To fully enjoy all its benefits it’s crucial to install it smoothly. Whether you’re a tech individual or someone new to this our comprehensive guide will lead you through the process guaranteeing that you make the most out of this addition, to your vehicle.

Follow These Steps for 70mai Dash Cam Installation Successfully

1. Selecting the Ideal Location:

First select the position, on your windshield. Look for a spot that gives you a view of the road and takes into account both your comfort and visibility.

2. Cleaning the Mounting Surface:

Make sure to clean the selected area before attaching the dash cam. Use a cleaner to wipe the surface and remove any dust, dirt or residue that could affect how the adhesive sticks.

3. Attaching the Adhesive Mount:

The 70mai Dash Cam usually includes a mount. Take your time to affix it to a surface applying pressure to ensure a stable attachment. The sticky mount provides stability. Reduces vibrations while you’re, on the road.

4. Connecting the Car Charger:

Start by plugging the car charger that comes with it into the power outlet of your vehicle. Make sure you connect the end securely to the dash cam. This way the car charger will keep the dash cam powered up while you’re driving ensuring operation throughout your journey.

5. Adjusting the Viewing Angle:

Adjust the viewing angle of the rear dash camera according to your preference. Its flexible design allows you to tilt and customize it ensuring that you can capture the perspective you desire, whether its focusing on the road ahead or capturing the interior of your vehicle.

6. Powering On the Dash Cam:

After mounting and connecting the dash cam turn it on. The device will then start up. Begin recording automatically ensuring coverage while driving.

7. Downloading the 70mai App:

To have control and access, to features you can download the 70mai App on your smartphone. Once downloaded you can connect the dash cam to the app using the built in Wi Fi. This will allow you to monitor real time footage play back recordings and make adjustments to settings remotely.

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8. Configuring Settings of Dash Camera (Optional):

Discover the options, on the dash front and rear camera interface to adjust its settings. You can modify the resolution, sensitivity and preferences based on your preferences and requirements. Although the default settings are satisfactory customization empowers you to personalize the device to better suit your needs.

9. Regular Maintenance of Dashcam:

Make sure to check your rear dash cam to ensure it is securely mounted. It’s also important to clean the lens and housing to maintain the recording quality. By doing these maintenance tasks you can ensure that your device operates at its performance.

By following these instructions, you have successfully installation process. Set up your 70mai Dash Cam cable hardwire adding a layer of security, for your journeys. Whether you commute every day or go on road trips with passenger this innovative device ensures that every moment, on the road is accurately captured with footage. This provides you with peace of mind and complete protection. If you face any problem, you must contact us on our contact us page.

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