70mai Dash Cam Review of 2024, Best 360° Rotating Dashcam 1080p

70mai Dash Cam Review of 2023, Best 360° Rotating Dashcam 1080p


An explorer in a dash cam’s kingdom, the 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S is one to reckon with. This fact ensures us that it is not a mere observer in the road but 1080 P full HD resolution, night vision and emergency recording features coupled with a sleek design attest that it can record images even under difficult conditions. Let us get started in the detail of 70mai dash cam review, and see what makes it different for drivers through some features such as loop recording, voice control, and many more.


  • Impressive Resolution
  • Enhanced Night Vision
  • G-Sensor for Emergency Recording
  • Voice Control Convenience
  • Loop Recording for Continuous Coverage
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and App Control


  • Dependency on MicroSD Cards
  • Slightly Bulkier Design

Design and Features of 70mai dash cam


The 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1s was specially constructed to merge good looks and functionality. Its compact dimensions of 7.87 by 6.69 by 1.97 inches and its weight of a mere 2.71 oz make this device fit elegantly even in the tiniest car’s interior, all without attracting unwanted attention. Grey is one cool color option that blends in and enhances luxury interior nicely.

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1.   Discreet Mounting:

Additionally, the adhesion mount promises to maintain low-profile attachment to cars windshield. The placement of the cameras is discreet making sure it does not distract during the recording from different angles.

2.    User-Friendly Interface:

It is easy to navigate and the design provides convenient, readily available controls for use. A simple interface that includes every functionality, ensuring easy use for the targeted users. This makes the use of the product on the go more convenient and easy.

3.    Subtle Branding

Interestingly, the company has come up with a well-designed logo that is incorporated into the dash cam, making it look neat yet memorable.

4.    Field of View:

The cameras are wide and captures everything that happens on the road up to 130 degrees.

5.    Adhesive Sticker Integration:

The convenience of the design is enhanced by adding stickers for mounting. The stickers guarantee an adhesion and provide neatness at the same time.

Key Features:

1.   Clear Night Vision & Sony IMX307:

Enjoy the best 1080P HD quality. Using the latest Sony IMX307 sensor for capturing even the minute details. The F/2.2 aperture increases brightness and offers precision when it is dark.

2.    Built-in G-Sensor & Emergency Recording:

It is designed with a built-in G Sensor which activates and secures audio when an emergency occurs. This is done to ensure these videos act as Event Files which cannot be erased, hence, preserving pivotal footage.

3.    Voice Control for Hands-Free Operation:

Enhance safety in the office via voice command. With a simple command, one can shoot photos or take videos.

4.    Loop Recording & Evidence Protection:

Feel the stress of your driving experience, including loop recording where the new videos replace the old ones. The smart dash cam has been tested to work with endurance microSD cards (Class 10, and over) varying between 16GB-64 GB ensuring that all the evidence will be protected.

5.    Built-in Wi-Fi & App Control:

Connect to the App using the built in Wi Fi feature to view footage in time watch videos and download files directly onto your phone. Enjoy the convenience of receiving, over the air updates making sure your dash cam is always kept up, to date.

Performance and Quality

The 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S is truly impressive thanks, to its high quality 1080P Full HD resolution Sony IMX307 sensor and innovative features. What sets it apart is its night vision capability, G Sensor for emergencies and the convenience of voice control. You can expect coverage with its loop recording feature while the built in Wi Fi allows for easy app control ensuring a driving experience. Its sleek design and user friendly interface make it a reliable companion on the road that captures every detail with clarity and precision. Drive confidently knowing that you have a cutting edge partner, for all your journeys.


Warranty and Customer Support

Thanks, to the support of the 70mai brand the 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S provides users with a warranty that guarantees reliability and confidence in the products performance and durability. While you can find warranty information in the product documentation 70mai goes above. Beyond just offering coverage. Renowned for their customer support their dedicated team is always available to assist with any questions offer guidance on setting up the product and address any concerns you may have.

Installation Process of the 70mai Smart Dash Cam

Setting up the 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S is a breeze, designed to be user friendly. Just follow these steps, for a hassle installation:

  1. Choose an Optimal Location
  2. Clean the Surface
  3. Attach the Adhesive Sticker
  4. Connect the Car Charger
  5. Adjust the Viewing Angle
  6. Power On the Dash Cam
  7. Download the 70mai App
  8. Configure Settings (Optional)
  9. Regular Maintenance

By following these steps you can ensure an trouble free installation of the 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S. This will give you an user friendly solution to enhance your driving safety and documentation.

Tips for Effective Use of the 70mai Smart Dash Cam

1.   Optimal Placement:

Ensure that you find the right place in which to install your dash cam on the windscreen and have a good view of the road.

2.  Regular Cleaning:

Ensure that you clear the lens as well as housing of the camera for better recording quality. Cleaning it will minimize dust and residue that may accumulate and compromise the quality of the recorded video.

3.  Secure Mounting:

Make sure the adhesive mount is firmly stuck, check it regularly for any loosening up in order that the dash cam remain stable.

4.   Adjust Viewing Angle:

Ensure that you rotate and angle it for perfect view. Using positions or experimenting with them to arrive at what is comfortable to you and your car preferences.

5. Power Off Safely:

Always make sure your car is shut down when the dash cam has completed its shut down procedure. For, this process must be allowed to complete itself before unplugging the power, so that all the recording done can be well preserved.

6. MicroSD Card Compatibility:

One should consider using a rugged microSD card for high performance and large storage capacity. However, beware that manufacturers recommend some names of brands only.

7.  Utilize Loop Recording:

You can use the loop recording feature for ensuring that there is coverage. This attribute will automatically change the videos in order not to cause any space issue.

8. Configure Emergency Recording:

Also, you can customize the G Sensor sensitivity based on your choice. You can also change parameters of the system’s software to guarantee that the recorded videos will be properly stored even in emergencies.

9.  Voice Control Integration:

Discover how easy it is to control your hands with voice guidance. Know how you can use voice commands for capturing pictures while driving, without taking eyes off the road.

10.  Stay Updated with App Control:

The dash cam has a built Wi Fi which you can use to connect it with an App. It enables quick file transfer to your phone for viewing of time-based information on the go. Moreover, the software has features meant to administer and adjust set-up.

For maximum benefit from the 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S observe the following suggestions. Although your driving safety may not necessarily improve immediately but you can take advantage of its merits.

My Personal Opinion on 70mai Dash Cam Review

However, having tested them and being genuinely impressed with them I would like to recommend the 70mai Smart Dashcam. It has features. Looks really nice too. The high-end Sony IMX307 sensor, with its 5-megapixel camera quality is one of its key features and you should expect great picture quality even under low light conditions. In addition, it also has a G Sensor for emergency recordings and voice control, so that you can use it without losing concentration while driving.

This makes it convenient for one since he or she can use it via App supported by the integrated Wi Fi connection. The device also features loop recording for enhanced coverage. The installation process seems straightforward. Its beautiful design blends in with that of any vehicle’s inside. Remember, though, that you will have to purchase some microSD cards for storing purposes and various choices of color.

It seems like a friend for the road safety because its night vision facility and is mobile phone operable features. In case, you are looking for an excellent dash cam with superior quality in terms of performance coupled with convenient functions like this could be.

When it comes to mounting your dash cam on the windshield, choose a strategic location that provides a clear view of the road.

Disclosure and Transparency

It’s important to make it clear that I don’t have any connections, with the manufacturer so you can trust that my review of the 70mai dash cam omni review is unbiased. I’ve carefully examined the products features gathered information and taken user feedback into account to form my opinions. The goal of this review is to give you a perspective and provide you with insights to help you make an informed decision. Your trust is crucial to me. I’m committed, to offering an evaluation that isn’t influenced by external factors.


When it comes to ensuring driving safety the  4k 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S stands out as a companion. With its features and user friendly design, including night vision and app control it competes strongly in the dash cam market.

While there are a couple of things to consider, like color choices and reliance on microSD cards overall this device prioritizes performance and ease of use. As we wrap up our exploration it’s clear that the wifi  70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S is more than a witness—it’s a driving partner dedicated to enhancing your safety, on the road.


Which 70mai app dash cam is best?

The choice of the 70mai dash cam relies on factors such, as resolution, features and budget. A popular option, among users is the 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S, which offers a resolution of 1080P.

Does 70mai record all the time?

Yes 70mai dash cams sd card usually have a loop recording feature that allows for recording. This means that the camera automatically overwrites footage with recordings.

What quality is 70mai video voice control?

The quality of the video may differ,. The 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S stands out by offering Full HD resolution of 1080P parking mode. This ensures that the footage captured is clear and rich, in detail.

Can you get a 360 dash cam?

At the moment xiaomi 70mai omni electrostatic alert doesn’t offer a dash camera specifically designed for 360 degree recording rear camera. If having that feature is important, to you I suggest looking into brands that specialize in recording.

Is a 360 camera in the car worth it?

The value varies based on requirements offering a perspective, on safety. Take into account elements such, as monitoring parking areas and driving behaviors.

How does a 360 dash cam work?

A dash cam, with a 70mai’s 360 degree rotating dash cam to your car motion detection view utilizes lenses to record the surrounding environment. It then combines the footage to create a view enhancing the overall visual record.

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