Canon EOS 2000D Camera Review (2024)

Canon EOS 2000D Camera Specifications

Sensor18MP APS-C CMOS sensor
SizeAPS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm)
Effective pixels24.1 megapixels
Aspect ratio3:2
MountCanon EF-S
Focal length18-55mm (35mm equivalent: 29-88mm)
Image stabilization Optical
Image processingDIGIC 4+
Autofocus TypeTTL phase-detection
Autofocus Points9, Reflecting
Control ModesP, A, S, M, Bulb
Video ResolustionFull HD (1920 x 1080) at 30 fps
Video FormatMOV
Physical Dimensions7.8 x 10.1 x 12.9 cm (body only)
Weight0.68 kg (body only)

Are you a young photographer and are you willing to make your mark in the world of creative photography? Em of your trip might be the Canon EOS 2000D camera that will assist you with all photography features regarding unlimited possibilities.

This simple EOS 200D DSLR offers a wide range of benefits including being cost effective, easy to use, and its image quality as well, which are reason enough to consider it among beginners. On the other hand, it is important to understand strong points and weak ones of the gadget before you click the button purchase the product for ensuring that it is fit for your requirements.

A detailed reviewing research is made here on the Canon EOS 2000D model, going into its main specifications and major functions while looking into its performance and different targeted users. Apart from that, we will also address to the common queries so that you’ll be absolutely well informed.

Design of Canon EOS 2000D DSLR Camera

The Canon EOS 2000D comes with a usual, DSLR-like design for those who feel more comfortable with traditional cameras with a body geometry like this. Here are some key design points: Here are some key design points:

1. Lightweight and compact:

The EOS 2000D has a weight of only 0.68 kg (body only) so it is lighter when compared to several DSLRs cameras which makes it possible for you to use it for long shooting exercises when carrying it around is required.

2. Grip:

The latter has a non-slip/no -slip press for more cushioning and for a more secure handling when holding the camera.

3. Controls:

The body of the camera utilizes a commonly used button and dial interface, which will be effortless to handle by users who are already familiar with Canon DSLRs. Such a design prevents people from looking for services which are not essential to them.

4. Optical viewfinder:

EOS 2000D is equipped with an ordinary optical viewfinder that ensures no delay time because it allows you see exactly what the lens sees unimpeded. This advantages the photographer who prefers a more natural capturing environment, similar to what one might experience using a mirrorless camera.

5. Vari-angle LCD screen:

It is also equipped with a 3.0-inch vari-angle LCD screen that can be adjusted to the desired angle. This gives the flexibility to shoot through various positions and at times watch the saved images back easily.

6. Built-in flash:

The camera also has an integrated built-in flash that can be activated by the user. It can be utilized in the case of low natural light.

What is more, the careful approach of Canon to this model involves perfect function and simplicity of its construction. And it is a good alternative for those who have not tried a digital single-lense reflex camera, and for whom a more conventional experience is the standard or default option.

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Performance and Key Features of the Canon EOS 2000D

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the Canon EOS 2000D DSLR Camera’s performance and key features:


1. Image Quality:

The EOS 2000D boasts of 24.1 megapixel resolution while the APS-C sensor delivers high resolution and photo color faithfully. Those sensors allow for nice balance of resolutions and low-light abilities that are usually helpful for any beginner or advanced photographers.

2. Low-Light Performance:

Here, the EOS 2000D really shines with a ISO range of 100-6400 (expandable to 12800), and therefore performs well even in low-light situations without added light. Noise comes into play as the ISO number increases but is just enough to introduce this in the range of this price tag, especially relevant for EOS 4000D and Canon Rebel models.

3. Autofocus:

The 9 point auto focus may not be the most advanced on the market , but for beginners trying to learn the fundamentals of photography , it is perfectly adequate . The autofocus is usually quick & precise in the situations with perfect lighting.

4. Continuous Shooting:

The 3 fps continuous shooting clutching will do most weekend photographer job. It won’t give professional quality of action images, but it can still be considered pretty much of a reasonable beginner’s camera.

Key Features

1. Ease of Use:

An important feature of this model is its very simple and understandable structure that makes it easy to use it anytime and anywhere. For the beginners, the characteristics of the scene intelligent auto mode and the cannon photo companion app are most useful since these features can be made use in the beginning and a person can improve and improve his/her results by following these attributes.

2. Image Stabilization:

The come with 18-55mm IS II kit lens has the image stabilization that would result in clearer pictures and we can avoid blurring due to camera shake in dark conditions by using the optical image stabilization.

3. Video Capability:

The 2000D will provide Full HD video at 30 FPS. This aspect may not be liked by adventurous film makers looking for 4K but is perfectly specs for a beginner’s casual video.

4. Wi-Fi and NFC:

With built-in Wi-Fi and NFC remote operation via the Canon Camera Connect app allows for fast imaging doesn’t even need to be of same quality. The possibility of accessing the device from a smartphone or directly from a remote site is so easy that it can be done by any person holding a camera.

5. Creative Filters:

The EOS 2000D has multiple creative filters that serve for the in-camera editing and that helps beginners who would like to try with different looks but without going through the lengthy post-production process.

Canon EOS 2000D is no doubt a performer that will captivate the new photography enthusiasts who want value for their money. The image quality is good, the ease of controls makes it a desirable instrument for beginners, and the further developed capabilities provide a sound experience in basics for further developing skills.


  • Easy to use
  • Good image quality
  • Affordable
  • Image stabilization
  • Wi-Fi and NFC


  • Average autofocus
  • Limited video capabilities
  • No touchscreen
  • Slower continuous shooting
  • Not best for low-light

My Personal Take on the Canon EOS 2000D Camera

As a photography enthusiast, after Canon EOS 2000D review I value the importance of starting at the very core of the process. Canon EOS 2000D is the embodiment of the idea as it captures the most important traits. Its easy-to-use interface and newbie friendly features are what make it the best option for beginners to grasp the basics of photography while leaving aside the feeling like they just dived into the ocean.

Good image quality is for sure good, the most crucial factor however is that the price is acceptable at this price point. With respect to collections in low-light environs, it can be stated that this device would not be the best candidate for this; nonetheless, the images have sharpness and deepness for daily photo shooting of that scene. Both the in-built image stabilization and the motion sensor brings us higher resolution and low photon noise of beginners’ pictures, and the blink shield of camera shake blur is also the essential guard of their pictures.

On the other hand, apart from the positive aspects of a camera, you have to think about limitations exists. The autofocus system is not advanced enough for those keen on rapid-growing phenomenon as such so it is not a good option here. In addition to that, the video resolutions are to Full HD only. Although this might be enough for those who are learning but, it might not be enough for professional videographers.

Consequently, Canon EOS 2000D, aka Canon EOS Rebel T7, is a good option for starters whose DSLR demands are not too extravagant and who prefer a simple user interface. It gives you a good of a camera support, allowing you to create your basic imagination, to take photography experimenting and eventually becoming a good photographer. 

On the other hand, if you are a professional shooter or you need the additional functions, such as super-fast autofocus, advanced video, or outstanding low-light performance, you will definitely want to delve deeper and pick an alternative option.

Who Should Buy the Canon EOS 2000D?

  • Photography Beginners
  • Budget-Conscious Users
  • Casual Photographers

Who Should Avoid the Canon EOS 2000D?

  • Experienced Photographers
  • Aspiring Videographers
  • Individuals Who Need Fast Autofocus

Tips for Effective Use of the Canon EOS 2000D

1. Embrace the Auto Modes:

There is no need to begin from Scene Intelligence auto mode, if this is the first time. After checking the scene, it automatically picks up the right settings for you and thereby you will be able to compose shots and learn the basics of photography which makes the process of learning the skill much easier.

2. Explore Creative Filters:

The EOS 2000D is equipped with a good number of creative filters like the Toy Camera filter and Fish-eye Effect. Test using one or two of them making your shots exclusive and giving you a taste of your creativity.

3. Utilize the Guide Mode:

In addition to all these benefits, this feature also allows users to have camera settings displayed on the screen, enhancing the experience for Canon Rebel users. In this way, it becomes easy for the user to understand the different camera settings and their respective effects. Leverage it to realize how different backgrounds affect your photos, etc. and gain a greater belief in auto photos.

4. Master the Basics:

For beginners in photography, getting used to the camera is the first thing . After that, switch to aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Grasping these basic settings means that you will be able to set the proper depth of field, deliberately shape the motion blur when shooting, and even afford different situations with your light.

5. Utilize the Vari-angle LCD:

The screen can turn around to get different angles so that it becomes perfect for low-angle shots, extra selfies, or overview framing of objects while filming.

6. Embrace the Tripod:

The virtual lively environments of the games would dramatically correlate the improvement of image sharpness in the conditions of limited light, rendering the camera shake minimal.

7. Experiment with Different Lenses:  

The starter lens is 18-55mm, okay for general use, yet you are advised to buy a different lens for better-quality photos with progress. Shot looks beautiful for sure and t/h land scapes are great. But telephoto lenses are very good for remote objects.

8. Download the Canon Camera Connect App:

 If you have your phone’s connection to the Wi-Fi then you won’t be bothered with carrying a laptop all the time. What is required is just tapping your phone’s camera to take pictures in remote, editing pictures on the screen, sharing them quickly on any desired platform with your friends becomes a reality.

9. Practice, Practice, Practice:

Regularly engaging with a language and using it in different contexts is the backbone. Do experiments in different situations and shoot photos with your Canon EOS Rebel T7. Review these photos, learn from your experience and transparently pass it to others.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help:

On demand online resources, photography socity, even one on one experiences from friends can be your crucial support as you delve into your photographic pursuit.

Know, Canon EOS 2000D is a tool that makes you go with your vision instead of making the vision go with you. Thus, applying these tips, bits and bobs of knowledge will release the power bound in the camera and produce astonishing images telling your story.

Wrapping Up

The Canon EOS 2000D is the very size of the pot into which most ambitious photographers can comfortably place their feet. With simple operation, minor limitations in speed and image quality, and no shortage of flexibility, it would meet the needs of most hobbyists. its ease of use and quality performance, coupled with image stabilization, helps you learning the basics and improvement of photography.

But for the beginners, or those who want to use basic camera functions such as quick autofocus, relatively good low-light performances, or even 4K video functionalities, these DSLRs could be the answer.

Over the final analysis, the best camera you choose is the one that fits you perfectly with your financial limit constraints. Reviewing the information post, you will be able to make the right choice in either pursuit of your photographic journey with assurance.


Is Canon 2000D a good camera?

For the budget-friendly and entry-level users, the Canon 2000D with its user-friendly features, mediocre yet affordable image quality, and image stabilization capabilities would make a good deal. Alternatively, it has a significant lacuna in 4K video shooting as well as autofocus and video mode, which makes it less preferable to the demanding or knowledgeable users seeking features like those in a mirrorless camera.

How old is Canon EOS 2000D?

The Canon EOS 2000D was launched in February 2018.

What’s better Canon 2000D or 4000D?

To select the best camera type for you, you will need to evaluate the pros and cons of the Canon 2000D and the 4000D models, and check if they can meet your specific needs.

Does the Canon 2000D, also known as the Canon EOS Rebel T7, shoot 4K video?

No, the Canon 2000D is limited to Full HD (1080p) video recording.

What are the disadvantages of Canon 2000D?

  • Limited autofocus system
  • Limited video capabilities
  • No touchscreen
  • Slower continuous shooting
  • Average low-light performance
  • What is Canon 2000D good for?
  • Learning photography basics.
  • Everyday photography

Budget-conscious users who appreciate the value offered by the Canon EF lens compatibility.

Is Canon 2000D water resistant?

No, the Canon 2000D is not water resistant.

Which is better Canon 2000D or Nikon D3500?

In 2018, the Canon 4000D was introduced as a successor to the 2000D, offering a few changes, including an improved sensor technology and enabling Bluetooth connectivity. On the other side, the major functionalities and end class features are alike.

Is Canon EOS 2000D good for beginners?

Yes, the Canon EOS 2000D is a good camera for beginners due to its:

  • Easy-to-use interface and helpful features.
  • Decent image quality for the price.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Image stabilization for sharper photos.

However, keep in mind its limitations in autofocus and video if those are important factors for you.

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