Canon EOS 250d Camera Review (2024)

Camera Specifications

Sensor:24.1MP APS-C CMOS like that found in the Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Image ProcessorDIGIC 8
Maximum Image Resolution6000 x 4000 pixels
Video Recording4K UHD (3840 x 2160) at 25 fps
Autofocus with Canon EF lensesDual Pixel CMOS AF with 9 points
ViewfinderOptical viewfinder with 0.87x magnification
LCD Screen3.0-inch vari-angle touchscreen display
Continuous Shooting SpeedUp to 5 fps
ISO Range100 - 25600 (expandable to 51200)
Battery LifeApprox. 1000 shots
Weight451g (body only)
Lens Focal Length18-55mm
Lens Maximum Aperturef/4 (wide) - f/5.6 (telephoto)
Lens Minimum Aperturef/22 (wide) - f/32 (telephoto)
Lens Image StabilizationOptical Image Stabilization (IS)
Lens Filter Size58mm

The field of photography can appear bleak if you are not accustomed with anything beyond the settings of the smartphones. Begin with a rhythmic Canon EOS 250D tiny and friendly DSLR, which is tailored to the requirements of the entrants looking to make their way in the area of photography. This camera is a great choice for those that need that leans somewhat toward simplicity of use, quality and convenience as it serves as a gateway into DSLRs.

In this thoughtful overview, we will look into the multi-dimensional features and performance of the camera, demonstrating its versatility among different groups. Another important information which we will provide you is the useful advices and guides to get to know better this camera and take better pictures.

Canon EOS 250D: Design for Ease and Creativity

Canon EOS 250d Camera Review (2024)

The cannon EOS 250D is a camera that adopts a design that is much more light in weight and user-friendly:

1.  Compact and Lightweight

Regularly nicknamed the world’s easiest DSLR with a vari-angle screen, the EOS 250D would be a perfect match for the travelers and for beginners or for those who move around a lot, much like the Canon EOS Rebel SL3. Convenience and spontaneity are its main highlights. It’s very lightweight (451g approximately) and very mobile, allowing you to take up-to-the-moment shots during the day.

2. Classic Feel, Modern Features

Having a small body of the EOS 250D does not change the fact that it has a classic DSLR shape with a widespread grip and buttons for the used options all the time that give the sensation of mastery to the experienced photographers.

3. Vari-Angle Touchscreen LCD

My main feature of this design is the 3.0-inch vari-angle touchscreen LCD screen. The movable shooting display with a strong articulating support makes it easy to shoot from different angles, outdoor or indoors at high and low levels, and is very helpful for passing Vlog and selfies production. Touchscreen feature enables users to master up the camera various setting in an intuitive manner plus image playback. Want to improve your grammar and writing skills? Set an alert to get notified of new content and practices.

4. Optical Viewfinder

By contrast to several others, the EOS 250D has a conventional optical viewfinder. This choice gives the photographers an opportunity to frame their shot in such a manner that the view is not be obscured from any direction, even in case they shoot in strong sunlight.

Ultimately, the design of the Canon EOS 250D falls into the middle ground between portability, easiness of use, and familiar functionality which makes the camera attractive to photo shooting people who strive for accessibility of handling along with a creative zone.

Canon EOS 250D Performance and Key Features

Canon EOS 250d Camera Review (2024)

The Canon EOS 250D, or Rebel SL3, is a DSLR camera targeted at beginners and novice photographers but offering an acceptable option for pro-sumers as well. It may not be the most advanced one with the most sophisticated specifications, but it is well balanced and provides a good compromise between features and performance along with a fuss-free user interface, which are its greatest strengths making it a good stepping stone into the DSLR world.

1. Image Quality:

1MP APS-C CMOS sensor like the Canon EOS Rebel SL3: The sensor is so good in its quality and takes a decent shot having good details and color reproduction in good light. Without forgetting that the small size as compared to full-frame cameras can be a limitation in low-light performances since increased noise (grain) in your photos might be experienced.

DIGIC 8 image processor: The rotating blades types allow for faster image processing and better noise reduction than in the previous models.

2. Autofocus:

Dual Pixel CMOS AF: This automatic focus mode is extremely helpful for both photos and videos especially when shooting fast moving objects. It genuinely shines in capturing subjects on the go and tracking in real-time while using burst mode for continuous shooting.

9-point phase-detection autofocus: The Dual Pixel CMOS AF does fairly good job even though the number of autofocus points is pretty lower than the numbers in many sophisticated games. They may also lead to reduced focusing accuracy when an object or scene contains a lot of individuals or activities moving in an unpredictable manner.

3. 4k Video Recording:

4K UHD video recording: With the EOS 250D, the Canon brand has made a great leap into the video world by offering 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution at 25 fps somehow. This convenience given the fact that filming is possible even at varied angles and in normal light is suitable for basic vlogging or creative projects.

Full HD video with various frame rates: The camera supports Full HD (1080p) video recording too at different frame rates which make it ideal for editing various video formats.

4. Optical viewfinder:

It should be noted here that the optical viewfinder is one more benefit which is a plus for photographers who like to take pictures following the old traditions and even in bright conditions of outdoor.

5. Vari-angle touchscreen LCD:

Using this screen there is a possibility to set up your camera and get the desired image from any angle, easily show settings and play back the footage.

6. Guided user interface:

The camera has a clear and intuitive interface with built-in tutorials and guides that help beginners quickly Percocet what to shoot.

7. Creative Assist mode:

This mode is user-friendly and includes a wide range of presets. It allows users to quickly add filters and special effects to their photos and videos, making them with a more creative look.

8. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity:

You can also share photos and videos instantly using Wi-Fi to your smartphone or social media accounts, a notable feature in the Canon Rebel SL3 review. With Camera Connect app also you can remotely control the camera by using a phone or tablet.

The Canon EOS 250D manages to produce decent images, in particular, under optimum lighting conditions, with fast and precise autofocus and the possibility to shoot up to 4K resolution videos. We recommend it as a good option for beginners and casual photographers, as it is heights in user-friendly features, has vari-angle touchscreen and is a compact, affordable DSLR Device.

Although that is true, it’s still important to name its drawbacks as it has smaller sensor size that in turn causes the low light performance to suffer and it also has a limited number of autofocus points, which might be unsuitable for photographers who need to snap fast-paced action or generally work in low-light conditions.


  • User-friendly
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Decent image quality
  • Fast and accurate autofocus
  • 4K video recording
  • Vari-angle touchscreen LCD
  • Optical viewfinder
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Creative Assist mode


  • Limited low-light performance
  • Relatively few autofocus points
  • Limited video capabilities
  • Not weather-sealed
  • Limited battery life

My Personal Take after Canon EOS 250D Camera Review

Canon EOS 250d Camera Review (2024)

As a photographer myself, using the Canon EOS 250D offers an interesting perspective: It has the appeal of being the fir2st DSLR of the collection for anyone starting photography career, similar to beginning with a Canon Rebel. and thus people can start there publishing journey with the camera. Its familiar design and useful properties make it an easy tool to use, moreover, the photos taken will be clear high-quality only in good lightings. 

The features like the compact size and vari-angle touchscreen to me are “two guns on one shoulder”, these make it easy to be carried around and I could have fun now in trying different shooting angles.

Yet, there is a case to be made regarding the difficulties. The camera doesn’t stand still-light performance, and the narrow auto-focus flow with EF lenses can make it difficult to catch dynamic activity. Aside from shooting videos in 4K resolutions, the camera has a dearth of frame rate options making it unsuitable for serious videography. Moreover, the camera infra is missing inputs like a microphone that is a critical for audio mapping.

However, for an EOS series camera, the EOS 250D is fine for those who want an easy-to-use and nothing complicated camera. It brings to life DSLR-style photography in a compact-size, no frills, and easy-to-use package. In this matter, if you are a nature photographer, you’ll probably be involved in outdoor shooting, which requires a camera with better color representation in low-light conditions, so fast-paced action, and, say, videography are your primary focus, you might need to search for those that were initially made for this purpose.

As long as you’ll come out with a camera that you’ll take with you on a daily basis. As marketed, EOS 250 d is compact and portable camera and can be used for many outdoor photography such as sport events or wild animals observation or other occasions that triggers the passion in you, if used correctly, it is a very useful tool in helping you to further improve your photography and also capture special moments in your life.

Yet if these attributes don’t meet your desires for more—advanced features or, say, certain functionalities— you shouldn’t miss out on this chance; instead, take your time exploring what might be the best model for your photographic aspirations.

Who Should Buy the Canon EOS 250D?

  • Beginners and Aspiring Photographers
  • Casual Photographers
  • Travel Enthusiasts considering the Canon EOS 250D for its portability and live view features
  • Vloggers (on a budget)

Who Should Avoid the Canon EOS 250D?

  • Low-light Photographers
  • Photographers Needing Fast Autofocus
  • Videographers Seeking Advanced Features
  • Professionals or Enthusiasts Needing Weatherproofing
  • Budget-Conscious Users Prioritizing Battery Life

Tips for Effective Use of the Canon EOS 250D

1. Learn the exposure triangle:

You will develop more skills to control your image shots by having an understanding between the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Try various settings in different lighting to get the right bulb performance to know which is the best one.

2. Practice different shooting modes:

Yet this mode is simple, so there is still more beyond this, especially when exploring features like live view on the Canon Rebel. By delving into Aperture Priority (Av) and Shutter Priority (Tv) you have the ability to do things with flair and control parts of your image.

3. Utilize the vari-angle touchscreen:

This flexible surface enables a high degree of on-field flexibility so shooting from all possible angles can be a matter of few steps and there is no need to mobilize the entire team for capturing low-angle or overhead shots.

4. Refer to the manual or online tutorials:

The whole camera manual might seem complex, but do not worry — when you invest a good amount of time, you will be able to discover it’s actual functions Within the digital space, books and web-based tutorials have the power to provide essential instructions.

5. Practice, practice, practice:

The more you shoot the more you’ll “push the shutter button” so to speak and the better you’ll grasp how it works and its full capabilities. Experiment with exposure and catch different aspects to get your skills defined.

6. Join online communities:

However, sharing with fellow photographers, especially those also using the same camera, can provide a tremendous lot of creativity ideas, tips, and some troubleshooting help.

7. Utilize the guided user interface:

With this characteristic, beginners can directly learn how the camera works and know where they should pay more attention to during the various camera functions, akin to mastering the Canon EOS Rebel SL3.

8. Explore the Creative Assist mode:

Putt a filter on your photos or edit it in whatever way you want, but with predefined filters and effects there is no need for difficult photo editing software any more.

9. Connect to your smartphone:

The WiFi and Bluetooth features give you the capability of uploading the images and videos on the camera itself with no need for using the cables. It lets you even remotely control the camera functions using your smartphone with the help of Canon Camera Connect app.

10. Invest in a good quality lens:

The primary function of the lens will be discussed in this session: image sharpness is one outcome. If you find that you are liking some photo genres, like portrait shooting or landscape photography, then certainly upgrade the kit lens.

11. Carry a spare battery:

Moreover, in the event that you have a concentrated shoot out, having a backup battery won’t let you miss on capturing a beautiful moment.

12. Edit your photos:

Through the simplest of edits like cropping or color correction, you’ll see a big difference in your images. The demand for beauty and aesthetics is fueled by various tools available on free software or mobile apps. It enables users to manage brightness, contrast, color, or even artfully embellish their photos.

However, the imperative and the best tip is to be cheerful and to take pleasure in the process of discovering and creating using the Canon’s EOS 250D or the Rebel SL3.

Final Thoughts

As we get toward the end of our tour, the Canon EOS 250D turns out to be good enough an option for casual users who want something both user-friendly and portable in a DSLR. It has a good image quality in the adequate lighting, fast autofocus system, and 4K video recording that respectively serve as a decent basis for learning and having fun.

Nevertheless, this is modified by the fact that it does poorly at night, recording videos, and preserving electrical functions from water damage, which is important for your vision should you want to photography under these settings.

Typically, the camera that conforms to your personal needs and wishes is the best choice. If you’re neither a pro photographer nor do intend to spend hours behind the lens, but intend to dabble into photography as a hobby and being mobile on the sidelines is more important to you, the Canon EOS 250D is an ideal choice for you. 

Recollect yourself that the main role in the process of the creative visual storytelling starts from the right equipment and the motivation to master your craft. Thus, unlike the days of film photography, you should be willing to learn new things, experiment with different techniques, and, foremost, enjoy as you discover more of the camera’s capabilities.


Is Canon EOS 250D a good camera?

Canon EOS 250D Digital Camera, which is NATURAL name for the Rebel SL3, is a great gadget for those who are starting their journey in photography and those for whom the ease of use is one of the priorities. It caters for a decent image quality in a well-lit environment, also the fast auto focus system and 4K video recording.

Nonetheless, it is defective in light condition processing, additional video features, and weatherproofing. Therefore, whether the USB cable works for you optimally will depend on your specific preferences.

Is Canon 250D a 4K camera like Nikon?

A response can be the Canon 250D (EOS 250D) does have 4K UHD video recording at 25 fps. Nonetheless, frame rate options with advanced cameras become so different.

How old is the Canon EOS 250D?

The launch date of the Canon EOS 250D was April of the year 2019. Now, the exact period, October 26, 2023, my animal is roughly 4 years, 6 months old.

Is Canon 250D DSLR or mirrorless?

Canon 250D(EOS 250D) DSLR or mirrorless camera, as the DLSR model, is a D-type camera. More specifically, it is similar to DSLRs in the way that it has a mirror and an optical viewfinder differs.

Is Canon 250D / Rebel SL3 good for night photography?

The ease with which night shots can be taken might be limited on the Canon 250D because of its smaller size. Therefore, night photography usually leads to more noisy or grainy photos taken in low light conditions. If you are going to use the camera only for night shooting then shooting with bigger sensors or those specifically designed for the low light performance can be a good idea.

Is Canon EOS 250D good for portrait photography?

The Canon EOS 250D may be a good camera for portrait simply in the sunny weather, however, in low light conditions, you may face some difficulties. While it is certainly not perfect because of its poor night shooting and smaller number of automatic focus points, it is not suitable for every kind of shooting. 

If you need commercial portrait photography or art photography in the night, you need the better camera with faster autofocus and more sensitive light sensor (low-light capabilities).

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