How to Hard Reset 70mai Dash Cam Pro? (2024)


If you’re facing any problems or if you just want to start hard reset 70mai Dash Cam can be a simple way to troubleshoot or restore default settings. To assist you with the reset process here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you navigate through it.

Before You Begin:

Before you begin the reset make sure to back up any videos or settings. This step is important to ensure that you don’t lose any data while resetting.

Follow These Steps to Hard reset 70mai dash cam pro 

1. Power Off the Dash Cam:

Make sure to turn off the dash cam before you start the reset process. If its currently recording, let it finish any recordings and shut down on its own.

2. Locate the Reset Button:

Many 70mai Dash Cams are designed with a button. You can usually find this button on either the side or back of the device. To determine the location consult the user manual that comes with your dash cam.

3. Use a Pointed Object:

To reset the button you’ll require a item such, as a paperclip or a pen. Carefully insert the item into the hole designated for resetting. Apply pressure until you sense a click, which signifies that the button has been pressed down.

4. Hold the Button for 10-15 Seconds:

To perform a reset of the dash cams settings and configurations simply. Hold the reset button for around 10 to 15 seconds. This duration guarantees that all the adjustments will be properly reset.

5. Release the Button:

Once you have pressed and held the reset button make sure to let go of it. The dash cam will then go through the reset process. You may notice some changes, on the indicator lights or screen while this is happening.

6. Power On the Dash Cam:

After finishing the reset process turn on the dash cam. It will start up with the default settings like when you took it out of the box.

7.  Reconfigure Settings (Optional):

If necessary you have the option to modify the settings of the 70mai smart dash based on your preferences. You can make adjustments, to the resolution, sensitivity and other features by accessing the user interface of the device.

8. Check Functionality:

Make sure to check if the smart dash cam power button ios is working properly by testing its ability to record and ensuring that it can connect to the 70mai app, if applicable.


If your dash cam is equipped with a display you might come across a confirmation message. Notice indicating that the device is being reset. In case your dash cam doesn’t have a screen keep an eye out for any changes, in the indicator lights.

By following these instructions, you have effectively factory settings your 70mai Dash Cam user manual. Whether you are addressing troubleshooting problems or beginning anew this procedure guarantees an efficient reset enabling you to utilize your advanced automotive companion.

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