MASIGO A330D Dash Cam Review 2024

Step into the world of the MASIGO A330D Dash Cam, a companion, for all your journeys. In todays age where road safety takes precedence the A330D offers top notch features such as crystal dual channel recording at 60fps Starvis night vision capabilities and effortless connectivity. This MASIGO A330D Dash Cam Review will provide an in depth analysis of its design, performance and standout attributes to cater to those looking for solutions, in car surveillance. 


  • High-Performance Recording
  • 360-Degree Visibility
  • 360-Degree Visibility
  • 24/7 Coverage
  • Expandable Storage
  • User-Friendly Connectivity
  • Integrated GPS


  • Potential for Large File Sizes
  • Learning Curve

Specifications of MASIGO A330D Dash Cam

  • Display: 3-Inch IPS screen
  • Image Sensor: Front/Rear – Sony STARVIS Image Sensor
  • Video Resolutions: 1600p@30FPS+1080P@30FPS, 1080P@60FPS+1080P@60FPS, 1080P@30FPS+1080P@30FPS
  • Capacity: Up to 512GB microSD card (C10 U3 or above)
  • View Angle: Front – 140°; Rear – 145°
  • Video Format: TS/MP4
  • Recording Modes: Normal/Event/Parking Mode (requires optional hardwiring kit, ASIN: B0CGHFNGDR)
  • Audio Recording: Built-in microphone & speaker
  • Power Supply: Car charger (Input 12/24V, Output: DC5V/2A) with supercapacitor
  • Operating Temperature: -13°F ~149°F
  • GPS: Built-in
  • Wi-Fi: Built-in
  • Product Dimensions: Front Camera – 3.82 x 2.13 x 1.69 inches, Rear Camera – 1.02 x 2.36 x 1.30 inches
  • MASIGO Viewer App: iPhone and Android compatible

Design and Key Features of the MASIGO A330D Dash Cam

Design Elegance:

The MASIGO A330D Dash Cam offers an compact design that blends seamlessly with the appearance of your vehicle. Its simple refined look enhances the interior without attracting unnecessary notice providing a perfect balance of elegance and practicality.

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Key Features

1.       Dual-Channel 60fps Clarity:

Enhance your recording experience with the A330Ds dual channel clarity. With its processors this dash cam can record in stunning Full HD at 60fps ensuring exceptional detail, for both the front and rear cameras. As a result it captures footage in high speed situations making it an excellent choice, for comprehensive surveillance purposes.

2.     Sony STARVIS Night Vision:

Drive with assurance whether its, during the day or night all thanks, to the state of the art Sony STARVIS Image Sensor and a wide f/1.8 six element lens. The A330D guarantees video processing with HDR capabilities and top notch noise reduction technology ensuring that you capture high quality footage regardless of the lighting conditions. Experience improved visibility and a sense of security throughout every journey.

3.     Maximized Protection and Storage:

The A330D utilizes cutting edge G sensor technology to identify impacts or accidents automatically saving footage to avoid unintentional deletions. It prioritizes safety and safeguards data while driving with its loop recording feature and support, for a 512GB memory card.

4.     Continuous Vehicle Surveillance 24/7:

The A330D is designed to provide front and rear protection, for your vehicle ensuring its safety, around the clock. You can enhance security by opting for the hardwiring kit, which enables recording in case of any impact even when you’re not present. Effortlessly activate parking mode using the sold MASIGO Universal Hardwire Kit.

5.     Intuitive Control and Connectivity:

Easily stay connected. Effortlessly manage your recordings using the built in Wi Fi feature. With capabilities you can perform tasks, like playback, file transfers and firmware upgrades without the hassle of cables. Relying on your phones data. Enjoy a crystal vibrant viewing experience, with the 3″ IPS screen, which enhances control and visibility.

6.     Precision Tracking with Built-in GPS:

Track your journey precisely with the integrated 5Hz GPS. From real-time driving speed and location to various driving information, the A330D has you covered. The dash cam allows you to review your driving routes and watch videos with the map overlay, ensuring accuracy in your recordings.

7.     Effortless Installation & Exceptional Customer Support:

The A330D is specifically designed to make installation and use easy as possible for the user. MASIGO goes above and, beyond to provide customer support, including a 1 year extended warranty to give customers peace of mind. Our dedicated technical team is 24/7 to offer assistance whenever its needed.

Introducing the MASIGO A330D a dash cam that sets a benchmark in design and functionality. With its appearance, cutting edge features and dependable performance it promises to elevate your driving experience to heights.

Performance and Quality of the MASIGO A330D Dash Cam

The MASIGO A330D Dash Cam truly stands out when it comes to performance. It excels in capturing every moment on the road, with its dual channel recording capability allowing both the front and rear cameras to operate at a 60 frames per second (fps). This high frame rate ensures that moving elements like license plates and road signs are captured with utmost clarity providing a comprehensive 360 degree visibility for precise and stable recordings.

Equipped with a Sony STARVIS Image Sensor and a large f/1.8 six element lens the A330D boasts night vision capabilities delivering high quality footage in various lighting conditions. The G sensor technology adds a layer of protection, by detecting sudden impacts or collisions. It locks footage to prevent overwriting ensuring that important evidence is preserved. With 24/7 rear coverage, optional parking mode support and the ability to accommodate up to a 512GB memory card the A330D prioritizes your vehicles safety and security offering peace of mind throughout your journeys.

Customer Support and Warranty

MASIGOs A330D Dash Cam is backed by a warranty that includes a 1 year coverage, for extra peace of mind. The company is dedicated to meeting customer needs. Provides a technical support team available 24/7. This ensures assistance and guidance, for any product usage, troubleshooting or general questions. MASIGO offers customers support and a reliable dash cam solution that will last.

Tips for Effective Use of the MASIGO A330D Dash Cam

For the performance of your MASIGO A330D Dash Cam take into account these helpful suggestions;

1.       Regularly Format the SD Card:

To maintain performance it is recommended to format the SD card using the settings available, on your dash cam.

2.     Clean the Lens:

Make sure to keep the camera lens clean in order to ensure the video quality. You can use a cloth that’s free of lint to clean it.

3.     Adjust Camera Angles:

Make sure to improve your coverage by making adjustments, to the camera angles. Try to achieve a rounded perspective of the road and its surroundings.

4.     Update Firmware:

Make sure to check for any firmware updates, on the MASIGO Viewer app so that you can have access, to all the features and improvements.

5.     Utilize Parking Mode:

To enable parking mode on your MASIGO A330D Dash Cam, you can activate it by using the MASIGO Universal Hardwire Kit (, for separate purchase). This will allow surveillance when your vehicle is parked.

By following these suggestions, you can guarantee that your MASIGO A330D Dash Cam functions efficiently. Delivers performance.

My Personal Opinion of the MASIGO A330D Dash Cam

I believe the MASIGO A330D Dash Cam is truly innovative when it comes to improving road safety. It goes beyond recording videos; its dual channel 60fps recording and impressive Sony STARVIS sensors ensure footage. During driving there’s no need to worry thanks to its outstanding night vision capabilities.

What impresses me is the built in GPS, for tracking and the Wi Fi feature that allows for management through their app. With its G sensor technology, continuous coverage and support for a 512GB card they have thought of everything. It’s user friendly in parking mode. If you’re looking for a dash cam, with features I highly recommend the MASIGO A330D.

Disclosure and Transparency

I want to be upfront and honest, with you – I have no affiliations with MASIGO, the company for the Dash Cam. This ensures that my review remains impartial. I have gathered insights through evaluation, research and user feedback. My goal is to offer you a perspective that empowers you to make informed decisions. Your trust is important, to me. Maintaining transparency throughout the reviewing process is my priority.


To sum up the MASIGO A330D Dash Cam is an option, for individuals who prioritize road safety. It offers recording capabilities, impressive night vision abilities and user-friendly features. With this device you can elevate your driving experience. Have peace of mind knowing that you have a guardian for your vehicle. The MASIGO A330D combines innovation, with road safety to provide a driving experience.


What’s the recording quality of the MASIGO A330D Dash Cam?

The dash cam provides a recording rate of 60 frames, per second enabling you to capture the details, in remarkable Full HD clarity.

How does the Starvis night vision feature work?

With the help of cutting edge Sony STARVIS Image Sensors it captures footage by utilizing state of the art noise reduction technology.

Can I expand storage on this dash cam?

Sure! The MASIGO A330D is compatible, with microSD cards that have a capacity of 512GB. It supports microSD cards with a rating of C10 and U3 or higher.

Tell me more about the G-Sensor technology?

The G Sensor, which is highly advanced has the capability to detect impacts or collisions. This ensures that important footage is promptly locked and safeguarded against overwrites.

Is continuous surveillance possible with this dash cam?

Yes you can enjoy round the clock surveillance, with the A330D. Activate the parking mode by using the MASIGO Universal Hardwire Kit for continuous front and rear coverage.



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