ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam Review 2024: Best Wifi GPS Car Camera


Hello there drivers and technology enthusiasts! Today we’re going to explore the world of dash cams with a focus, on the remarkable ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam. If you’re someone who prioritizes road safety and loves embracing technology then you’re in for a surprise. This compact device offers an array of features including a 3.5″ screen, outstanding 2160P UHD resolution, WiFi connectivity GPS tracking capabilities, night vision functionality and much more. Our goal is to delve into the details and determine whether the ONDASHCAM lives up to its reputation, in providing that added layer of security and convenience during your journeys.

Pros and Cons


  • High-Quality Video
  • Night Vision Excellence
  • Extreme Weather Durability
  • G-Sensor Crash Detection
  • Efficient Loop Recording
  • Built-In GPS and Wireless Connectivity


  • Learning Curve
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Limited Field of View Adjustment

Design and Features of ONDASHCAM 4K Dashcam


The ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam comes in a color with a sleek design that seamlessly blends into any cars interior. Installing it on your windshield is a breeze, thanks, to the suction mount that offers stability and lets you adjust the recording angle to your liking. The 3.5 inch LCD display is conveniently positioned, giving you an easy to read view of the recording interface.

What sets this dash cam apart is the inclusion of a 32GB microSD card and various accessories like a GPS 360° mount, car charger, with a 12ft Type C USB cable, USB cable, stickers, wiring trim tool and cable clips. This shows that user convenience was taken into consideration during the design process. Additionally the packaging is well designed to make a impression overall.

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Key Features:

1.       4K Resolution and Large Display:

The impressive aspect is the 4K resolution (3840x2160P) which provides video quality. The 3.5 inch LCD display not enhances user friendliness. Also guarantees clear and precise playback.

2.     Extensive Storage Capacity:

The ONDASHCAM allows users to expand their storage capacity with a device accommodating, up to 512GB. This generous amount of space ensures that users have plenty of room, for recording sessions. Additionally the package includes a 32GB microSD card enabling users to begin recording away.

3.     Regular Firmware Updates:

Regular firmware updates are an aspect that ensures users can enjoy enhanced features and functionality as time goes on. This commitment, to improvement showcases a customer approach.

4.     Advanced Safety Features:

a)     G-Sensor (Gravity Sensor):

If there are vibrations or accidents the G sensor will. Promptly lock and record the incident to ensure that important footage is saved.

b)     Loop Recording:

The continuous recording is ensured by the seamless loop recording feature, which automatically overwrites files without requiring any intervention.

c)     Motion Detection:

The security of the parked vehicle is improved through the implementation of a motion detection feature that records video footage whenever it detects any movement nearby.

d)     Super Night Vision:

The F/1.8 aperture, along, with the WDR & HDR technology guarantees night vision resulting in clearer recordings during nighttime.

5.     GPS Tracking and Wireless Connectivity:

a)     Built-In GPS:

You can accurately monitor your driving location and speed and access information using the GXPlayer software, which’s available, for free.

b)     WiFi Connectivity:

Wireless connectivity enables users to access the dash cam, enabling reviewing and transferring of footage without the hassle of physical connections.

6.     Temperature Tolerance and Overheat Protection:

The dash camera is designed to endure and function reliably in a range of temperatures from low, as 4°F to as high, as 140°F guaranteeing its durability and longevity.

The devices durability is improved by providing protection, against both overheating and freezing allowing it to withstand weather conditions effectively.

The ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam is an option, for those looking for a design and advanced features. It stands out as a choice, in the market providing users with a solution to prioritize safety and video quality during daily commutes or long road trips.

Performance and Quality of ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Camera

The ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam stands out because of its video clarity. It boasts a 4K resolution (3840x2160P) ensuring crisp footage. Whether you need to capture license plates or intricate road details this dash cams high-definition capability guarantees recording quality. In low light situations it excels with its WDR & HDR technology and wide aperture (F/1.8) providing superior night vision, for enhanced safety during nighttime driving.

Durability is a feature of the ONDASHCAM. It can withstand temperatures, from 4°F to 140°F making it suitable for climates. Its robust build ensures performance making it a reliable choice for users facing varying weather conditions.

Additionally, the dash cam offers features such as crash detection through the G sensor and efficient loop recording, for continuous capture providing users with a dependable and stress-free solution.

Pros and Cons



  • High-Quality Video
  • Night Vision Excellence
  • Extreme Weather Durability
  • G-Sensor Crash Detection
  • Efficient Loop Recording
  • Built-In GPS and Wireless Connectivity




  • Learning Curve
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Limited Field of View Adjustment


Warranty and Customer Support

ONDASHCAM provides customers with a warranty, for their 4K Dash Cam, which demonstrates our confidence in the quality and durability of the product. If you need information regarding warranty coverage you can refer to the documentation included with your purchase or visit our manufacturers website. We are committed to ensuring a customer experience, which’s why we offer responsive customer support services. Whether you have questions about how the product works or need help troubleshooting any issues our support team is readily available to assist you via email, phone or our online portal. Our dedication, to providing warranty coverage and accessible customer support ensures that you can enjoy your ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam worry free

Installation Process for ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam

  • Step 1: Choose Optimal Location
  • Step 2: Secure Dash Cam with Suction Mount
  • Step 3: Connect Power Source
  • Step 4: Utilize GPS 360° Mount
  • Step 5: Insert microSD Card
  • Step 6: Utilize Included Accessories for Neat Installation
  • Step 7: Power On and Configure Settings
  • Step 8: Begin Recording

By following these steps, by step instructions you will be able to install the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam. This will provide you with improved safety while driving and the ability to record your journeys.

Tips for Effective Use of ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam:

  1. Optimal Placement
  2. Secure Mounting
  3. Power Connection
  4. Utilize GPS Functionality
  5. Proper MicroSD Card Usage
  6. Neat Cable Management
  7. Familiarize with Settings
  8. Regular Firmware Updates
  9. Check Recording Status
  10. Review Footage Periodically

By utilizing these suggestions, you can optimize the performance of your ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam ensuring safety and valuable documentation during your travels.

My Personal Opinion on ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam

I have to say the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam has really impressed me. The level of detail it captures with its 4K resolution is truly remarkable. I’ve especially noticed how well it performs during drives thanks, to its night vision capabilities. It definitely makes driving in the dark safer.

What I really appreciate about it is how easy it is to set up – no need, for any expertise. The GPS 360° mount is an addition and the 3.5 inch screen strikes a balance between providing useful information and not obstructing my view through the windshield.

The G sensor has been incredibly helpful; it gives me a layer of security, in unexpected situations. And lets not forget about the loop recording – it’s hassle free. Ensures that I never miss capturing any moments.

Sure it may be more expensive compared to options out there but you truly get what you pay for. The customer support has been exceptional promptly addressing my queries without any delays or complications. All the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam has become an indispensable part of my daily commute offering me peace of mind and guaranteeing top notch recordings when they matter most. In my opinion it’s definitely worth the investment.

Disclosure and Transparency

Just to clarify I want to make it clear that I don’t have any connections, with the company that manufactures the product. This is important because it ensures that my review is unbiased. My opinions are based on evaluation, research and feedback from users. The goal here is to give readers a perspective so they can make decisions. I value your trust and transparency is a priority, for me when it comes to the reviewing process.


That’s it folks! The ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam is more, than a dash cam; it’s like having a companion on the road. With its crystal resolution, intelligent features and all the extras included in the package ONDASHCAM proves that it has what it takes to excel in the world of dash cams. Regardless of whether you’re a commuter an avid road trip enthusiast or simply someone who values added security while driving the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam is definitely worth considering. As we wrap up this review it’s evident that ONDASHCAM has delivered an technologically advanced solution, for today’s drivers. Remember to stay safe!


Q: Does the built-in ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam have hd dual dash capability?

Yes the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam has the ability to record footage from both the front and rear simultaneously.

Q: What is the storage capacity of the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam?

The ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam includes a built in storage capacity of 32GB, which provides plenty of room, for recording and storing footage of 4k dash cam with built-in wifi gps.

Q: How 170° wide angle of the camera on the ONDASHCAM 4K car camera?

The ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam comes with a wide angle lens that provides a perspective allowing for coverage.

Q: Can the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam be used for front and rear view


Yes the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam comes with the capability to record view footage, which offers a layer of peace of mind and safety while driving.

Q: Is the dashboard ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam capable of recording in 1080p full hd?

Yes the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam can record videos in HD at 1080p ensuring that you capture high quality footage.

Q: What are the key features of the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam?

The ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam is equipped with built in wifi GPS, a wide angle lens of 170° the ability to record from two dash cams simultaneously and a storage capacity of 32GB. These features make it a great option, for, in car surveillance purposes.

Q: Can the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam be utilized in parking mode?

Yes the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam has a parking mode feature that allows for surveillance even when your vehicle is parked.

Q: Where can I find live video reviews of the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam by A-list Amazon influencers?

You can check out video reviews of the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam, on Amazon.com. These reviews are shared by known Amazon influencers who provide impartial assessments of the product.

Q: Can the footage be deleted from the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam sd card?

Sure! With the ONDASHCAM 4K Dash Cam you have the convenience of deleting any footage making it a breeze to manage all your videos.



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