OWLUCK Light Bulb Security Camera Review (2024)


OWLUCK Light Bulb Security Camera Review (2024)


OwLUCK Light Bulb Security Camera wireless wifi —a surveillance solution that aims to revolutionize how you keep an eye on your surroundings. In this review we will dive into the features, benefits and intricacies of this camera. If you’re, in search of a security and monitoring device that offers clarity and user friendliness then you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we explore how this 360° wireless wifi camera can enhance your outdoor security, day and night.

  • Brand: QAMY
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Special Feature: Motion Sensor
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor, Indoor

Features of the Owluck Light Bulb Security Camera

1.  360° Panoramic View

The OwLUCK camera provides a view of 360 degrees ensuring that there are no spots, in your surveillance. It allows you to monitor your property thoroughly with its field of vision.

2.  High-Quality 3MP Resolution

This camera wireless wifi offers image resolution of 3MP ensuring that every detail is captured in crystal clear images. Regardless of the time of day you can trust in the cameras image quality.

3.  Motion Detection and Alarm

The OwLUCK camera comes with a cutting edge motion detection feature. It can effectively identify objects. Independently follow them in its 360° panoramic scope. When the motion detection alarm is turned on the camera will automatically start recording and tracking moving objects sounding alarms when needed.

4.  Easy Installation

Setting up the light fixture Owluck camera is incredibly easy to install. All you have to do is screw it into an E27 bulb base. You’re good to go. There’s no need, for any wiring or specialized technical knowledge its the most easy to install.

5.  WiFi Connectivity

You can easily connect the camera to your smartphone. Tablet using WiFi. This way you can access footage from anywhere. Keep an eye on your property whenever you want. Stay connected. Stay vigilant, with this feature.

6.  Indoor and Outdoor Use

The Owluck 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera is perfect, for both outdoor settings. Its built to withstand any weather conditions ensuring performance regardless of rain or shine.

7.  Dual-Band WiFi Support

The security camera comes with support, for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless WiFi ensuring an stable connection. This enables you to easily access the camera light bulb, from your smartphone or tablet without any issues. Additionally you can adjust the viewing angle without worrying about missing any details.

8.  Storage Options

You can choose how to store the recordings from your camera. You have the option to use a memory card, which can support, up to 128GB (memory card not included) or you can opt for cloud storage, which may require a payment.

9.  Wide Range of Applications

Light bulb security cameras have gained popularity due, to their versatility in environments. They are well suited for both outdoor settings making them a great choice for locations such, as homes, garages, porches and even commercial spaces.

10.    Security Camera in Disguise

Light bulb security cameras are a fusion of LED lighting and surveillance. These innovative devices provide both illumination and monitoring functionalities.

11.   Two-Way Audio and Sharing 

Equipped with microphones and speakers this camera enables you to engage in conversations using the accompanying application. You have the ability to connect with your family members through voice communication. You can also grant camera access, to users, for shared viewing.

12.   Cost-Effective Solution

Light bulb security cameras provide an option compared to conventional surveillance systems. These cameras integrate lighting and monitoring capabilities into one device eliminating the need, for installations and reducing costs.

The Owluck 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera offers a range of features that make it an excellent option, for improving home security ensuring installation and providing continuous surveillance throughout the day and night.

Benefits of Using Owluck Light Bulb Security Camera

1.    Enhanced Home Security

Keep your home secure, with the Owluck camera. You can monitor your property 24/7. Discourage any intruders, with this discreet surveillance solution.

2.    Wireless Connectivity

With the WiFi feature the Owluck camera provides a lot of flexibility and convenience. You can easily access footage. Receive alerts on your smartphone regardless of your location.

3.   Convenient Light Source

The Owluck 3MP Light Bulb is more, than a security camera—it also functions as a light source. Brighten up your surroundings while simultaneously keeping an eye on your environment.

4.   Cost-Effective Solution

The Owluck camera offers a budget security solution. Than having to invest in lighting and surveillance systems you can have both functions combined in a single device.


  • 360° Panoramic View
  • Dual-Band WiFi
  • Effective Motion Detection
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Versatile Applications
  • Versatile Applications


  • Cloud Storage Costs
  • No Included Memory Card
  • Compatibility Check
  • Possible Technical Support
  • Night Vision Range

Comparative Analysis of Light Bulb Security Cameras

1.     Comparison of Image Quality

When it comes to light bulb security cameras the Owluck 3MP light bulb camera stands out for its image quality. With its 3MP resolution you can expect detailed footage.

2.   Comparison of Installation Process

When it comes to setting up the light socket Owluck light bulb camera installation is a breeze. All you need to do is screw it into an E27 bulb socket. You’re ready to roll.

3.   Comparison of Additional Features

The Owluck light bulb camera has an advantage, over its competitors because it offers motion detection, WiFi connectivity and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

4.  Comparison of Price Range

The Owluck light bulb camera is an option, for those looking for features, at an affordable price. It offers value for money with its high quality capabilities. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Light Bulb Security Camera

1.   Image Quality

When you’re selecting a bulb security camera outdoor it’s important to think about the quality of the images it captures. Make sure to look for options that offer high resolution capabilities so that you can have detailed footage.

2.   Connectivity Options

When it comes to the light bulb camera it’s important to consider the ways you can connect to it. Having WiFi connectivity enables you to access and monitor it remotely from any location.

3.  Compatibility with Light Sockets

Make sure that the light bulb camera you choose is suitable, for the sockets in your home or business. Seek out models that are designed to work with E27 bulb bases, for hassle free installation.

4.  Motion Detection Capabilities

Make sure to test the light bulb camera ability to detect motion. It’s important, for effective surveillance to have customizable sensitivity levels and accurate detection.

5.  Outdoor or Indoor Use

Decide whether you require a light bulb camera, for indoor lighting purposes. Seek out options that are built to withstand weather conditions and are designed to be weatherproof.

Wrapping Up

 The Owluck 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera outdoor wifi, for use is an addition to any home or business. With its angle 360° view, high quality images and simple installation process it provides security and convenience. When considering a bulb security camera take into account the factors mentioned above to make a decision. Opting for the Owluck camera ensures surveillance and peace of mind.

The Motion Detection Owluck 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera wifi seamlessly combines security technology with an inconspicuous design. It serves as both a motion detection security camera and a light bulb making it a discreet and versatile option for homeowners.

By utilizing its security camera light bulb outdoor wireless wifi signal connectivity and the user friendly E27 bulb base you can effortlessly transform your existing fixture into a powerful surveillance tool without requiring additional wiring. This motion detection security camera excels in motion detection promptly alerting you to any activity within its 360° field of view. Even in low light conditions. Thanks, to its exceptional night vision capabilities.


Q1: What is the primary function of the 360° wifi OwLUCK 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera review?

The OwLUCK 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera wireless wifi is designed to serve two functions. Firstly it acts as a top notch security camera, with resolution capabilities. Secondly it functions as an energy LED light bulb camera wireless wifi  offering lighting and security, for your home or business.

Q2: Does the OwLUCK Light Bulb Camera support Wi-Fi connectivity?

Yes it does support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi Fi connections. This handy feature enables you to effortlessly view real time footage from your light bulb camera wireless wifi on your smartphone or tablet making remote monitoring super convenient.

Q3: How easy is it to install the OwLUCK 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera?

Installing the OwLUCK security camera wireless wifi is really simple. All you have to do is swap out an E27 light bulb, with this light bulb camera. You won’t need any fancy wiring or technical skills. Just download the app follow the instructions and you’re good to go.

Q4: Can the OwLUCK camera detect motion & send alerts?

Yes the light socket security camera comes with motion detection capabilities. It can accurately identify objects, in its 360° panoramic surveillance area. Automatically follow moving objects. You can also adjust the sensitivity levels to suit your needs and receive alerts on your device whenever motion is detected.

Q5: What is the quality of the images captured by the OwLUCK 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera?

This light socket security camera wireless wifi delivers 3MP HD resolution providing you with sharper and more intricate images compared to regular 1080p security cameras. You’ll be able to see details both, in daylight and, at night.

Q6: Can I use the OwLUCK camera for both indoor and outdoor surveillance?

Yes the light socket OwLUCK 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera Outdoor is perfect, for both outdoor applications. Its designed to endure weather conditions making it a flexible option for monitoring areas such, as porches, garages and more.

Q7: Does the OwLUCK camera feature two-way audio and sharing capabilities?

Certainly! The camera actually has its built in microphones and speakers which means you can have two way conversations. This feature lets you connect with your loved ones, through the app. Plus you can easily share access, to the camera with your family and friends so they can all view the stream at the time.

Q8: What storage options are available for the best light socket security camera OwLUCK camera’s recordings?

The OwLUCK 3MP Light Bulb security camera outdoor provides choices for storing your images and recordings. You have the option to use a memory card (supports, up to 128GB. Not included in the package) or cloud storage (payment required) for your storage needs.

Q9: What makes the OwLUCK 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera stand out compared to other security cameras?

The OwLUCK camera wireless wifi outdoor light fixture stands out due, to its 3MP resolution, easy installation process, motion detection capabilities and support, for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi Fi. One of its standout features is its ability to function as both a security camera and a light bulb.

Q10: How can I get help or support for the OwLUCK camera if I encounter any issues?

If you come across any difficulties or require any help regarding the light socket OwLUCK 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera kindly reach out to the sellers support. Their customer service team will be more, than willing to assist you in resolving any issues you might face.

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