Provision-ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam Review


Provision-ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam Review (2024)



In this review we will explore the features and capabilities of the Provision ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam. This innovative device combines an mirror camera with an HD 1080p front DVR recorder offering a comprehensive solution, for an enhanced driving experience. With its design and advanced technology this exclusive gadget ensures a journey, on the road.

Design and Key Features of the Provision-ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam


The Provision ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam is impressive, due, to its planned design that effortlessly combines practicality with an appearance allowing it to seamlessly blend into your vehicle.

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1)  Hidden Interior Mirror Camera:

The hidden dual mirror camera of the product is an design feature discreetly improving security while maintaining the stylishness of your cars interior.

2) Compact and Unobtrusive:

The dash cam has dimensions measuring 13 x 4.8 x 2.8 inches. Weighs just 1.57 pounds. It is designed to blend with your vehicles aesthetics ensuring visual distraction.

3) Magnetic Mount:

The design of the mounting type enhances user friendliness, by enabling effortless installation and removal while ensuring an attachment.

Key Features

1)  High-Definition Recording:

Record your travels with clarity using the 1080p video recording quality. Experience vibrant and precise footage, for both drives and important moments.

2) Front DVR Recorder:

The built in HD front DVR recorder is designed to provide performance when capturing, on road incidents. It is highly reliable. Can produce footage regardless of the lighting conditions ensuring that you have a clear record day or night.

3) User-Friendly Touch Controls:

The touch control method simplifies navigation through settings and playback options. The 3-inch screen provides a clear and intuitive interface for effortless operation.

4) DIY Installation:

This dash cam provides a user installation process allowing users to set it up without requiring help. It ensures a hassle experience making it convenient for anyone to use.

5) USB Connectivity:

The cameras ability to connect via USB enhances its versatility making it easier to transfer data and use, with devices so you can conveniently access your recorded content.

Manufacturer’s Assurance

The dash cam, created by PROVISION ISR is a respected brand known for its focus, on delivering high quality products. Its design and features showcase the manufacturers commitment to offering a dependable and cutting edge solution for surveillance, on the road.

Performance and Quality of the Provision-ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam

The Provision ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam is highly impressive. Offers quality. It has a 1080p video resolution that captures all the details of your journeys providing detailed footage.

Crafted by PROVISION ISR, a brand this dash cam includes a hidden interior mirror camera. This feature adds a layer of security, without compromising the appearance of your vehicle. The front DVR recorder ensures documentation of on road events. Demonstrates reliability in different lighting conditions. With its user touch controls and durable construction the Provision ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam provides an dependable in car surveillance experience. It is a choice, for those who value performance and quality.


  • Compact and Aesthetic
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Hidden Interior Mirror Camera
  • 1080p Video Quality
  • 1080p Video Quality


  • Limited Customer Support
  • Minimal Warranty Details
  • Limited Compatibility

Customer Feedback

Although the product has a rating of 3.7, out of 5 stars based on 298 reviews users often mention in feedback that the dash cam performs well and provides high quality videos. Users value its reliability, in capturing footage during moments.

Installation Process of the car Provision-ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam

Installing the Provision ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam is a breeze, specifically designed to be user friendly and hassle free, during setup. Just follow these instructions step by step, for an installation;

1. Gather Necessary Components:

Make sure you have all the items, in the package including the dash cam unit, magnetic mount, USB cable and any other accessories that may be included.

2. Choose a Suitable Location:

Choose the spot to install the dash cam. You can think about putting it behind your rearview mirror so that it looks inconspicuous and provides a view of the road without any obstructions.

3. Attach the Magnetic Mount:

Attach the mount securely to the desired spot. This magnetic feature makes the installation process easier. Enables effortless removal when necessary.

4. Connect the Dash Cam:

Attach the Provision ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam onto the mount making sure it is securely connected to ensure stability throughout your journeys.

5. Power Connection:

Simply connect the dash cam to your vehicles power source using the USB cable that is provided. The USB connectivity technology ensures that it is compatible and makes power supply hassle free.

6. Adjust Camera Angles:

After establishing a connection make the adjustments, to the camera angles until you achieve the desired field of view. It’s important to ensure that both the front DVR recorder and the concealed interior mirror camera are positioned optimally.

7. Secure Wiring:

Make sure to tidy up the wiring, inside your car for an organized interior. Use cable clips or adhesive clips to secure the cables, along the cars trim so they don’t get in your way while driving.

8. Power On and Configure:

Start by turning on the dash cam. Then follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the setup. You can customize your preferences like setting the date and time choosing the video resolution and adjusting any settings that’re important, to you.

9. Test Recording:

Before you start your journey it’s an idea to do a test recording to make sure that the camera is working properly. Take a look, at the footage to confirm the video quality and make any adjustments, to the settings if needed.

10. Regular Maintenance:

Make sure to inspect the dash cam to ensure it stays securely fastened and operating properly. Keep the lens clean to maintain the recording quality.

By following these instructions you can easily install the Provision ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam on your own. The do it yourself installation process lets you enjoy the advantages of improved, in car surveillance without having to rely on help.

My Personal Take on the Provision-ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam Review

After testing out the Provision ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam I must say it’s a game changer when it comes to, in car surveillance. The sleek design seamlessly blends into my vehicles interior and the magnetic mount makes installation a breeze.

With its 1080p video resolution this dash cam captures details. Provides a clear picture of all my journeys. What I really appreciate is the mirror camera, which adds an extra layer of security without compromising on aesthetics.. The user friendly touch controls and easy DIY installation make it accessible to everyone.

The USB connectivity allows for hassle data transfer and the compact design adds to its appeal. Though currently unavailable the positive customer reviews speak volumes about its popularity. For drivers in search of an high quality dash cam look no further, than the Provision ISR as it stands out as one of the contenders without a doubt.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up the Provision ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam is a device that offers a range of features and is easy to use. It provides a driving experience by combining functionalities. If you’re interested, in buying one although its currently out of stock you can look forward to adding an innovative security and recording device to your vehicle.


1. Dash Cam vs. Mirror Dash Cam: Which product is better?

It ultimately comes down to preferences. A dash cam captures footage, through the windshield whereas a mirror dash cam replaces the rearview mirror and provides both mirror functionality and a built in camera.

3. Benefits of a dual dash cam exclusive hd 1080p front dvr recorder?

Answer; Dual dash cameras are able to record both the rear views offering a layer of safety, against accidents, vandalism and false insurance claims.

4. Disadvantages of a dash cam item?

There are a disadvantages to consider such, as distractions concerns about privacy and the requirement, for storage space to accommodate recorded footage.

5. Do dash cams damage the battery?

Dash cameras generally consume power and should not have a noticeable effect, on the cars battery. However it is recommended to consult the vehicles manual for information.

7. Do dash car camera 720p record audio?

Yes quite a few dash cams come with the ability to record audio, which adds a layer of information, to the captured footage.

8.Best Rear view Mirror Camera for Uber lyft drivers?

The “Provision ISR 360 wide angle dual mirror HD touch dash cam is an option, for in car surveillance and ensuring safety, with its discreet design and high definition recording capabilities.

9.What is the Provision-ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam?

Introducing Provision-ISR hidden dual dash cam that includes an interior mirror camera, a high definition 1080p front DVR recorder and an exclusive design, for complete, in car surveillance.

10.Where to buy mirror camera and a hd 1080p dash cam front and rear Provision ISR?

You can purchase the Provision ISR Mirror Camera with high definition 1080p quality image and best price rate, for both rear views from retailers trust shop such, as or electronic stores. It’s an option to consider when making your purchase.


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