Sengled Snap Light Bulb Security Camera Review 2024


Sengled Snap Light Bulb Security Camera Review 2024

The Sengled Snap Light Bulb Security Camera, with Motion Sensor Light, is making an impression in the evolving field of home security. With its integrated floodlight and outdoor surveillance capabilities this WiFi camera boasting 1080P resolution aims to provide a solution for safeguarding homes. In this evaluation we will explore its features, performance and determine how well it fares against competitors, in the market.

The Sengled Floodlight Camera is an option, for enhancing security. It brings together a high definition 1080P camera, motion sensor technology and a powerful floodlight to discourage any trespassers. Its waterproof feature makes it suitable for any weather conditions and installation is hassle free. Moreover it has compatibility allowing control, through voice commands. 

Design and Features

When considering the Sengled Floodlight Camera, with Motion Sensor Light the design and features are factors that contribute to its attractiveness, as a security device.


The Sengled Floodlight Camera comes with an contemporary design that effortlessly blends into outdoor environments. Its all, in one design combines both the camera and floodlight eliminating the need for devices. With its rotating head and lamp holder you can easily customize its position to effectively cover your desired area. Moreover its waterproof design guarantees durability, in weather conditions.

Key Features:

·        Two-Way Audio: Real-time conversations via the Sengled Snap App.

·        Motion-Activated Alerts: Instant notifications with bright floodlights.

·        Full Color Night Vision: Clear 1080P HD visuals in complete darkness.

·        Easy Installation: Waterproof and stable connection with adjustable design.

·        Optional Subscriptions: Flexible cloud plans for added features and storage.

Performance and Quality

The performance of the Sengled Floodlight Camera shows promise especially when it comes to its two way feature and night vision capabilities. Being able to have real time conversations, with visitors along with its full color night vision makes it a valuable addition to any home security system. The combination of the floodlight and motion sensor also provides a layer of security and convenience ensuring that potential intruders are deterred. However the mixed user reviews suggest that there might be some room, for improvement when it comes to connectivity and motion detection.


  • Two-Way Audio
  • Motion-Activated Alerts
  • Full Color Night Vision
  • Easy Installation


  • Connectivity Issues
  • motion detection issues

Comparison to Alternatives

In the market, for security cameras the Sengled Floodlight Camera faces competition from other products. One aspect that sets it apart is its combination of a floodlight, with a camera, which can be seen as a selling point. However potential buyers should take into account the ratings given by users. Carefully consider their individual security requirements.


Installing the Sengled Floodlight Camera is incredibly easy. Just make sure you have a Wi Fi connection find the outdoor location, with its adjustable design power it on and then follow the instructions provided by the Sengled Snap App. You can customize settings according to your preferences. If you want some features you can check out their cloud subscription plans. The setup process is hassle free. Ensures security, for your outdoor spaces.

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User Ratings and Reviews

It’s important to mention that this product has been rated 3.4 stars based on feedback, from 283 customers. Checking out user reviews can give you insights into people’s real life experiences, with the product.

My Personal Opinion

After examining the Sengled Floodlight Camera with Motion Sensor Light I must say that my thoughts, on this security product are somewhat conflicting.

On the side one standout feature of the Sengled Floodlight Camera is its two way audio capability. It’s quite impressive to be able to communicate with visitors in time using your device as it adds a significant level of security and convenience. Another noteworthy feature is the full color night vision, which allows for visuals, in complete darkness. When combined with the motion activated floodlights these features make the Sengled Floodlight Camera an attractive option for homeowners seeking to enhance their security.

However it’s important to take into account the ratings and reviews from users. Some customers have mentioned experiencing connectivity issues and inaccuracies in motion detection, which can be worrisome. In a security product like this reliability is crucial. These concerns might require attention. It’s worth noting that these issues could potentially be resolved through software updates or improvements, in versions of the product.

I have no connections, to the manufacturer. My review is unbiased. This opinion is formed based on the information well as my evaluation of the products features and feedback, from users.

Wrapping Up

To sum up the Sengled Floodlight Camera is a competitor, in the market for security cameras. However it could further enhance its capabilities by improving connectivity and increasing accuracy, in motion detection. If you’re looking for an security solution that includes floodlights and advanced features it’s definitely worth considering this product.


Q: What is a Sengled Snap light bulb security camera?

The Sengled Snap is a light bulb that comes with built in security camera capabilities. It seamlessly combines the features of a motion sensing light with those of a surveillance camera.

Q: How does the motion sensor work on the Sengled Snap?

The Sengled Snap comes with a motion sensor built in which can detect any movement within its range of vision. Soon as it detects motion the camera will begin recording.

Q: Can I connect the Sengled Snap to my Wi-Fi network?

Yes the Sengled Snap needs to be connected to Wi Fi in order to work. It will connect to your homes Wi Fi network. Utilize it for transmitting video recordings and receiving commands.

Q: Are there customer reviews available for the Sengled Snap?

A; Absolutely! You’ll be able to discover customer reviews, for the Sengled Snap on the internet. Numerous customers have generously shared their experiences and thoughts, about this product.

Q: Can I use the Sengled Snap as a regular outdoor light?

Yes the Sengled Snap is indeed an outdoor light. It emits a LED light. Can function as a standard lightbulb while also offering security camera features.

Q: Does the Sengled Snap support video recording?

Yes the Sengled Snap has the capability to capture video footage whenever it detects motion. These recordings are securely stored in the cloud allowing you to conveniently access them from your smartphone or computer no matter where you are.

Q: How is the video quality of the Sengled Snap?

The Sengled Snap comes equipped with a notch high definition video camera that captures crystal intricate footage. The quality of the videos is exceptional enabling you to recognize individuals or objects in the recordings.

Q: Can I integrate the Sengled Snap with other smart home devices?

A; Absolutely! The Sengled Snap is compatible, with home devices. For instance you can easily connect it with Amazon Alexa. Set it up to activate the camera based on conditions using IFTTT (If This Then That).

Q: How do I install a Sengled Snap lightbulb surveillance camera?

A: Installing the Sengled Snap is as simple as installing a regular light bulb. You just need to screw it into a compatible light socket or fixture and connect it to your Wi-Fi network using the Sengled Home app.

Q: Does the Sengled Snap offer cloud storage for video recordings?

Yes the Sengled Snap does have storage, for video recordings. You can store your recordings in the cloud for, up to 30 days, which means you can easily go back and check videos whenever you need to.


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