Wolfbox Car Spy Hidden Dash Cam Review, Best Night Vision 1080p

In todays paced world of driving having a pair of eyes, on the road can make a significant difference. The Wolfbox Car Spy Hidden Dash Cam emerges as a discreet ally offering a perfect combination of stealth and cutting edge technology. In this review we explore the features that make this hidden gem stand out including its design high quality recording capabilities and user friendly interface. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover how the Wolfbox Car Spy Hidden Dash Cam not serves as a witness to your adventures but also acts as a companion for enhanced, on road security.


  • Upgraded 4K Resolution
  • Larger 12″ Screen
  • Enhanced Night Vision
  • GPS Tracking
  • Precise Parking Monitor
  • USB C Power Supply Upgrade
  • Smart Functions


  • Potential Learning Curve
  • Occasional Glare

Design and Key Features of the WOLFBOX Car Spy Hidden Dash Cam


The WOLFBOX G840S comes with an user friendly design showcasing a 12″ screen that has a curved surface, for a smooth and visually pleasing look. This not adds to its appeal but also ensures a comfortable fit, with the natural curvature of the human eye. The design blends seamlessly with your cars rearview mirror enhancing the appearance of your vehicle.

Key Features:

1.       Upgraded 4K UHD Resolution:

The G840S is capable of capturing images in a 2160p resolution providing a remarkable level of detail and clarity that surpasses what you would typically expect from traditional dash cams. Additionally the rear camera records, in 1080p ensuring that you have coverage of your surroundings.

2.     Larger Screen & Broad View:

The dash cam comes with a 12 inch screen that offers a view of the road. It has front and rear lenses with angles of 170° and 140° respectively which help reduce spots and improve safety while driving or reversing. Additionally the smart screen split feature enables you to see both the rear perspectives simultaneously.

3.     Enhanced Night Vision:

With the inclusion of WDR and HDR technology in addition, to a sensor and a quality 6 glass lens the G840S camera guarantees excellent image clarity regardless of different lighting situations. The improved LCD display effectively minimizes glare, during daytime resulting in image quality.

4.     GPS Tracking:

The external GPS antenna allows you to track your vehicles location in time. The screen conveniently displays the GPS information giving you context when playing back the data.

5.     Precise Parking Monitor:

The parking monitor operates day and night capturing footage of your parked vehicle. With the added time lapse mode it offers surveillance to ensure protection. The loop recording feature guarantees coverage. Safeguards your vehicle.

6.     USB C Power Supply Upgrade:

The dash cam has been improved with a USB C port, which helps improve stability and reduces problems, like restarting and high temperature deformation. If you need hardwire capabilities there is an USB C hardwire kit that you can use.

7.     Smart Functions:

Experience a variety of features, with the WOLFBOX G840S such as streaming media rearview the ability to flip or mirror the image, impact detection with the G sensor seamless loop recording for comprehensive coverage and adjustable display view angles. 

With its design and advanced functionalities the WOLFBOX G840S is an dependable option for drivers who desire cutting edge technology in their, in car surveillance solution.

Performance and Quality of the WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam

The WOLFBOX G840S stands out in terms of its performance and quality providing a driving and surveillance experience. Its advanced 4K UHD resolution allows the camera to capture detailed images at 2160p along, with 1080p rear images effectively minimizing any blind spots.

The bigger 12″ display and wide field of vision provide a view making driving and parking safer. With advanced night vision capabilities thanks, to WDR, HDR technology and a starvis sensor you can expect images in challenging lighting conditions.. The LCD screen reduces glare during the day for optimal picture quality.

What sets this device apart is its GPS tracking feature and reliable 24 hour parking monitor. You can view GPS information while driving and rest assured knowing that continuous surveillance is, in place when your vehicle is parked. The USB C power supply upgrade ensures stability and addresses common issues associated with Mini USB connections.

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Installation Procedure for the WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Mini Dash Cam

1.       Prepare Your Vehicle:

Make sure you park your vehicle in an well lit location. Turn off the engine. Disconnect the battery to ensure an installation process its easy to install.

2.     Mount the Dash Cam:

To install the dash cam simply use the rearview mirror mount that comes with it and attach it to your rearview mirror. The design is sleek. Blends, in perfectly giving it a factory installed look.

3.     Connect Power Supply:

Connect the car charger, which’s 11 feet long to your vehicles power outlet. The enhanced USB C power supply guarantees reliable performance. If you require hardwire functionality you can utilize an USB C hardwire kit (Asin; B09X1L1GMX).

4.     Install Backup Camera:

Install the 1080P rearview camera securely using screws and 3M tape. Make sure it is positioned at the back of your vehicle to have a view of the surroundings, which will enhance its performance.

5.     Connect GPS Antenna:

Connect the GPS antenna in order to activate GPS tracking. This will enable you to see GPS details, on the screen while you’re driving.

6.     Adjust Settings:

Start by turning on the dash cam and navigating to the settings menu, for customization options. From there you can modify the display angles, activate functions and configure any features according to your preferences.

7.     Secure Wiring:

Make sure to securely arrange the wiring, inside the vehicles interior for an organized look.

8.    Test the System:

Start the car by turning on the ignition and make sure to test if the dash cam is working properly. Check that both the front and rear cameras are capturing footage. Also don’t forget to verify the GPS tracking and other smart features.

9.     Finalize Installation:

Once you are content, with the setup complete the installation by securing any parts, double checking the camera angles and ensuring that all connections are properly secured.

10.  Enjoy Your Drive:

Feel assured as you embark on your journey knowing that the WOLFBOX G840S is there to elevate your driving experience, with its features and comprehensive surveillance capabilities.

For instructions and helpful tips, during the installation process please consult the user manual.

My Personal Take on this WOLFBOX G840S Hidden Dual Dash Cam Review

After testing the WOLFBOX G840S Hidden Dual Dash Cam I can confidently say that it’s a game changer when it comes to, in car surveillance. Its sleek design seamlessly blends into my cars interior and the easy to use magnetic mount makes installation a breeze.

With its 4K UHD resolution, this dash cam excels at capturing the tiniest details providing me with crystal clear visuals on all my journeys. What sets it apart is the addition of a mirror camera, which enhances security without compromising the cars look – something I really appreciate.

The user friendly touch controls and simple DIY installation process make it accessible, for everyone.. Its USB connectivity ensures hassle data transfer and the compact design adds to its overall appeal rear view mirror camera.

The hidden camera customer reviews for the WOLFBOX G840S highlight its popularity and effectiveness making it a top choice, for drivers seeking a best dash hd 1080p rear camera. With its performance and user friendly features the WOLFBOX G840S stands out as a contender, in the market.


The Wolfbox Car Spy Hidden Dash Cam functions as an operative, within your vehicle. It discreetly captures all road activities without drawing any attention. Its user friendly interface ensures effortless operation while the recorded videos exhibit clarity during nighttime conditions. If you desire to remain vigilant while driving this compact device stands as an option. However it is essential to consider the storage capacity required for storing videos and ensure compatibility, with your car model.


Is the Wolfbox car camera waterproof?

Absolutely the Wolfbox camera is designed to be waterproof so it can easily withstand types of weather conditions.

Does Wolfbox small dash cam have an app?

Yes the Wolfbox dash cam includes an app that is designed to be user friendly making it easy for you to control and access its features.

Does Wolfbox wifi dash camera have WiFi?

Yes, Wolfbox comes equipped with WiFi functionality for seamless connectivity.

Which Wolfbox is best?

Choosing the Wolfbox ultimately boils down to preferences and requirements dashcam built-in parking mode. Take into account elements such, as resolution, features and budget to discover the fit for you.

Does dash spy camera have GPS?

Yes, the Wolfbox dash cam front is equipped with GPS for accurate location tracking.

Which dual front wifi dash cam has live rear view mirror camera?

The Wolfbox dash cam provides a live view feature, allowing real-time monitoring.

Can I use a dashboard cameras without Wi-Fi?

Yes you have the option to utilize the hidden spy Wolfbox dash cam without Wi Fi. Although having Wi Fi does provide features the dash cam is fully capable of functioning for essential recording purposes.

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