How to Put SD Card in Laview Light Bulb Camera

LaView light bulb cameras provide an
convenient solution, for keeping an eye on your home or business. They can be
easily. Discreetly hidden in view. Additionally numerous models come with
features, like monitoring and motion detection technology adding to their


put an SD card in a LaView light bulb camera, follow these steps:

1.    Remove the rubber cover
on the bottom of the camera.

How to Put SD Card in Laview Light Bulb Camera

2.    Insert a microSD card
that is 16-128GB, Class 10 rated and formatted to FAT32.

How to Put SD Card in Laview Light Bulb Camera

3.    Push the microSD card
into the slot until it clicks into place.

4.    Replace the rubber cover.

After inserting the SD card the camera will start
recording videos. Save them to the card. You can access the footage either
through the LaView app or, by using a computer.

To remove the SD card just push it into the slot until
you hear a click. Then gently pull out the card from its slot.

Here are a more suggestions, for using an
SD card with a LaView bulb camera:

1.    Use a high-quality SD
card that is specifically designed for surveillance purposes.

2.    Prior, to using the SD
card in the camera ensure that it has been formatted to FAT32.

3.    Make certain that there
is storage space on the SD card for recording the desired footage.

4.    In case the SD card
becomes full the camera will automatically overwrite the footage with the
recent recordings.

5.    You have the option to
access and view the recorded footage either through the LaView app or on your

6.    If you wish to view the
footage, on your computer you will need to remove the SD card from the camera
and insert it into a card reader.


Make sure to monitor and handle the storage capacity of
the microSD card as video recordings can gradually consume space. It might be
an idea to configure overwrite settings to guarantee uninterrupted recording
once the card becomes full.

Make sure to adhere to the instructions and guidelines
given by the manufacturer in the user manual of your LaView Light Bulb Camera.
These instructions will provide you with details and variations that may be
applicable, to your camera model.

If you have any queries regarding the usage of an SD
card, in a LaView light bulb camera please refer to the cameras user manual for

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